Find Dynamic Excel Read & Write into sheet


I have dynamic data Excel, how can I get numbers CONTAINE, and write another sheet. Thank all

TCNU6087868 → TCNU 608786-8
TCNU 651584-2
SKHU 810400-5
SKHU 931013-0
SKHU 820737-0
SEGU 444143-0



Anyone can help me?

I use Excel Application Scope and LookUp Range, get only A26 can’t get number CONTAINER


Can you please explain a little more…like you want to check if cell contains container? And do something when you find it?


I want get the number of containers and paste another sheet
ex: find CONTAINER / SEAL NO.: TCNU6087868/HAS 1482677 get TCNU6087868 → TCNU 608786-8
paste sheet2: TCNU 608786-8

I just get A26 and don’t know get TCNU 608786-8


After the lookup value…use a read cell activity and pass Athe output of lookup range and then get the value from it as output

Alternately you can read the data and then use the below linq query in assign activity to get all the rows containing container and can move them to different sheet

Read the data into datatable dt

Dt = dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x(0).ToString.ToLower.Contains("container")).CopyToDataTable

Now use dt and use a write range and write to a different sheet

Hope this helps


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  1. Only can get first number Container, how can get all num Container ?

2.How can get as: CONTAINER / SEAL NO.: TCNU6087868/HAS 1482677 → TCNU 608786-8

Main.xaml (8.3 KB)

Thank you


You can use assign activity to get

try as below
to extract Only container value
next to add space
system.text.RegularExpressions.Regex.replace(PContNo,“(?<=[A-Za-z])(?=\d+)”," ")

finally to add “-” before last character

Hope this helps

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Hello @anh.nguyen , you can use the read range workbook to read the excel file which gives the output in the variable of dataTable . Use for each row in dataTable , and add the variable (read range excel output) in the loop and inside in it use write cell activity to write the data in the excel sheet , and dont forget to click on the check auto increment check box.

Thank all, now I can get first num Con: TCNU 608786-8.

@Ankit_Chand Can you explain more to get all num Con in file Main I send :slight_smile:
Main.xaml (9.6 KB)

Yes , @anh.nguyen try this one
Main.xaml (13.9 KB)

Error open file

did you tried my code ?

yes, I open your file Main.xaml

show me your code

I don’t understand ? Just open your file xaml you send me but error