Find data in file excel compare with master

I want to find data in file data compare with master file

If not found in master file write data in file output.

Please guide me about it.

@fairymemay Assuming the below points are always followed, I have created a workflow that provides the expected output, but however the format is not preserved as it is expected.

  1. The values in the Data Excel file will start from the ‘A3’ row.
  2. The Rows containing the ‘Type Details’ and ‘Total’ are not needed.
  3. Only the Non Matching rows from the Data excel file are presented in the output.

Check the below workflow :
Get Non Matching (24.8 KB)

Let us know if is not the expected solution and please revert back if it didn’t work, with Exception Screenshot or explanation if any.

@supermanPunch correct , Now I apply solution to if now found in data file write master in output file.

But I have problem about some row in data file have spacebar in last character then compare is not match.

Please guide me for solve it.

@fairymemay If you want to get the Non Matching rows from the Master File, then you would just need to shift the Datatable’s in the Second Assign Statement. From DT2 to DT1 and DT1 to DT2 as shown in the below Screenshots :

Let us know if you still do not get the expected output or if the requirements are different.

@fairymemay My Apologies I forgot to mention about the Trim part :

Can you include .Trim on the row values as highlighted in the below images, It should generally remove the Extra Spaces and then compare :

Please revert back after you check on this.

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