Find data before 100%

Hi All,

In my project I need to read a column, the content is like:
Beijing 100%
America 100%
DA CAP 100%

MY question is how can I get the all the words but “100%” and “100%” sometimes can be “90%” or other percentages.

Please Help :slight_smile:


You can make use of Split string with space
First element will be the word you need before the percentage.


For each item use
Regex.Replace(“Beijing 100%”,"[0-9]|%","")

Where i have hardcoded the value there we will be passing the item from for each

Hello caoshixiao,

U should try DataTable Filter after reading the file into uipath.
Try referring to this link:

Filter the table based on the second column with not equal to operator and use it for futher workflow.
Thank you