Find Count of Outlook Mails sent by Specific subject every week

Hi All,
I need to find Count of Outlook Emails sent with Subject LIKE %Start% or %Your% every week starting 4th May 2020 (Monday to Friday) and store the value in excel weekly wise. Heading should also be created automatically.


Any help of Xaml will be appreciated.


Hy @Zahid1 , I am not in front of a computer now, but I call guide you through the main steps so you can try it yourself.

  • use get Outlook mail activity to get a list of emails.
  • loop through the emails using a for each activity
  • check the email header to see if it contains the filter parameter you want: mail.subject.contains(YourParam)
    If positive apply a counter.

If you have any questions please let me know.


Hi @Zahid1 ,

Attaching the solution workflow, configure your Outlook Account and subject as per your requirement and check. This solution provides details of current (25.1 KB)

@NithiyanandamTJ: Thanks a lot it worked great :slight_smile:

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