Find column value and fill value

Hello guys,
need help…
from below file…


i have to select type and then take value from appropriate column and fill into form then save.
and repetition for same process for next id.?

please let me know how to solve this ???

@prashantP Read your excel with headers as A2 and using select method of datatable based on your value, you will get output as array of datarow.

String typevariable=“hPayableCashAcct”
and dt is your datatable.

datarow arr = dt.Select("[Type]=’"+typevariable+"’")

If only one value is present in Type column then get single row as output, you can use like following syntax to get the value from required column


If duplicate value is present in Type column then use For each row activity.

thanks @Manjuts90

is it possible to share workflow ?? that will be helpful to understand as well

hi @Manjuts90
below img shows in detail…

so all column value from " type" for “property_code” i tried to use for each row but i want use property code once.

e.g step 1- select property code and type into filed click submit button.
step 2- check type column and fill values from values column
step 3- click save
and repeat these step for next property code.

Hope you understand and will help out from the same :pray:

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@prashantP You have to filter the data based on “Type” column only right? or you to consider both “property Code” and “Type” columns for filtering the data? if i understood mistakenly please let me know.

I am creating the workflow based data format i have created and you need to change according and if you provide sample excel of yours for reference.

no worries
here you go
this sequence will help you resolve this (10.3 KB)

Cheers @prashantP

pls refer below excel.

  1. i have to take “property code” and for that property code
  2. select values from"selectvalues ,handlevalues ,etc" according to “type” column values.

propertytemplate.xlsx (8.9 KB)

@prashantP Please check below file. (9.6 KB)