Find Children - throwing error - element not found, Please help me

Hi Team,

I have to Click on particular element (column Cell, and its always going to be the same column “Sales Doc” but the cell will be different) cell A0, A10 or A50 or A99 etc.

I have done this following kindly look in to it.
I have added the find children activity. but i am getting the error as below

its going and clicking the 1st element successfully.

but u can see in the screen there are 9 elements it should loop through them and click on all of them one by one as per the loop of DT3 i.e 1st - For each row in DT3.

Any help is appreciated.
Also i went through this below link:
Please find the attached .xaml and help me out

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You have attached an excel file here not XAML can you please attach xaml file so that I can help you

Here is the .xamal, sorry i missed it.
Its a sap application automation

IMO UIPath Find children is broken when using with SAP :frowning: I see no reason it not to work like in other cases as it can “return children” when there are no wildcards used in filter (returns all children)
What makes it broken is that it returns only first children when used with wildcards filter.

However, about your example, I might not got all details about that but do you need get childrens of particular SAP element or just one specific? You are using filter that is not using wildcards so why not find what cell number “Sales Doc” column is and use it in selector to get actual cell/element what you want?

1.When u click on the 1st cell u will see the following selector

<sap colName=‘VBELN’ id=‘usr/cntlGRID1/shellcont/shell’ tableRow=‘0’ />
you can check in the .xaml i shared in the start of thread
Table row is the one which keeps changing…
2. Filter - I have used the dynamic selector in the Filter(you can see that for tableRow i have done it dynamic) In find children activity

3.Yes i have to click on all those cells which are present in the .excel file.
well on the SAP form - in Column - "Sales Doc" these all cells are at different places some are above some are below
4. might be the cells in the column are at - cell A0, A10 or A50 or A99 etc

Hope these details are fine.

Can you please help me with this.
Thaks in advance,

One workaround to get certain elements from Collection of elements [obtained using find children in SAP] is to use Where Query.
lets say you want all elements containg text attribute as some value which is non null, usually thats where the information recides in SAP.

UiEleCollection = ElementsFromFindChildren.Where(Function(x1) String.isNullOrEmpty(Convert.ToString(x1.Get(“text”))).Equals(False))

The lambda Expression can be anything that returns True/False

It is certainly not as good as the Filter that works properly in Browser, but it is a workaround that gets the job Done.