Find Children not working in the web browser

Dear Community,

I would like to use find children tool to detect number of save button appear in the browser as per screenshot below. Reason being is the number of save button can be vary for every result search. Before i explain further on the process, may i know if my idea to use this tool is correct?

I have used the indicate the screen function to indicate the area for Uipath to read as per screenshot below (the best area that i can choose).


But the result show as error as per screenshot below :

May i know if anyone how to solve this ?

Many thanks for your help.

Hi @SH_94

You can try to use UiExplorer to see actually which element has those children then you can work on this.

If the url you are using does not have any confidential data you can share with me I will try to help.


Dear @PrankurJoshi ,

I have attached the sample Url below for your reference.

Basically i want to detect each row and click to download it accordingly.

Many thanks again for your help.

Did you try table extraction? That means data scrapping.

It will give you a table and for each row you can perform click.

Hi @SH_94 ,

Use anchor base inside the Anchor drag find element(Indicate first button element that the bot can understand) then inside the activity drag and drop the find children activity.

try this. it might help you.


There is one more way that is working for me.

  1. Use Get Ancestor activity for the link you want to click
  2. Pass that element in find children activity target
  3. Apply for each loop click


Try this.


Dear @PrankurJoshi ,

Do you mind to share the workflow on this ? I can try to mirror on how you build the workflow.

Many thanks.

Hello @SH_94

Here is the sample

Main.xaml (7.8 KB)


Dear @PrankurJoshi ,

My result only able to read the first row despite i put for the each row tool.

Could you assist me to have a look on which part that i had done wrong?

I have attached my own workflow for your (68.8 KB)
Checking.xaml (7.8 KB)