Find Children Activity to locate specific column

How to let UiPath focus on only the Column “File name” using Find children activity and click on it? It kept clicking on the Column “Clear” too when i run file. I think it might be the input filter, but not so sure…

Looks like the target is “a” as in an HTML link. So if those Clear buttons are also < a href… > tags… then it will include those.
Open up UIExporer and find something common to the File name column that does not include the Clear column. There will likely be a column index you can use.

Hi, thanks for ur reply but how do i know what to change

Click Indicate Element in the top bar,
then click one of the links in the File name column.

Then Ui Explorer will populate with tags at each level.
If you click in the middle portion, you are selecting the level, and then on the right-hand pane, you select what to include from that level.

So I would go up a few until you’re at the column level, and include some attributes unique to that column, such as the index.

To test your selection, use the Highlight button and see what has red boxes around them. That’s what the selector is going to include.

Strange that there’s nothing in the middle. Try maximising it?

Here’s what I see when I try select a column… I deselected the row references and added the column references… I think that would work.


hmm…weird is not showing the highlight part

This seems like a clue - do you have the browser extension installed?

Try it in Chrome with the Chrome UiPath extension enabled.

Edit: also I think it won’t highlight if you don’t have it Validate as green (it’s red in all your screenshots)