Find Children activity is not returning correct number of children

I am having issue with the Find Children activity returning the incorrect number of children (# of row in a table within a java based app). It’s a table with scroll bar when there are row beyond what is displayed on the screen.

  • It seems whenever the table consists of greater number of rows that requires a few page down to get to the bottom of it, the wrong number of children is returned.

  • I have also tried screen scrape, but it also runs into the same issue of not scrape all the rows in the table. (The table does not allow for Data Scrape)

Any idea of what may have caused the problem? and any suggestion on how I can overcome the issue?


As you mentioned it is Jxbased Application. So find children will only Return the visible rows. If there are more rows that you have to scroll, then your Implementation hast to Take the scrolling into account. For this Action Sending a hot Key to the table is a reliable method. Sometimes IT scrolls row by row, sometimes IT IS moving down the entire Page size. Just explore the behaviour within some RnD

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Thank you ppr for your response. I was under the false assumption that it would return invisible rows as well, as returned number of children is greater than what can be see on screen… I have played with the pgn up and down/scrolling action, but because Find Children is returning a higher (and inconsistent) number than what is visible on screen, I have not been able to reliably use it.

I ended up going with an alternative method of scraping each row at a time. But still want to understand why Find Children returns a higher number of children than what is visible on screen?

Find children in Combinaton with Jxbased Apps is working, but the situation requires sometimes a deeper Exploration of the element structure Details. If you need more Inputs than please Post a Screenshot from uiexplorer visual tree showing the element structure for the table, row and a Screenshot on how the table is looking about

Hello Everyone

i have extrated table with find children activity and while i want to move to next row
according to specifications on a required column the workflow does not process to the required row
please help me

Thank you