Find certain file name in webpage

Hi, i would like to find a certain file name, for example (attached picture) , the file full name is RPM_CUSTOMER_CASHI_LNS_MY_20230630, but i only want to find RPM_CUSTOMER_CASHI_LNS_MY as the “20230630” changes every month. and file name found, i want to download the file

Anyone can advise how to do? Thank you

Hi @Joanna2

Give asterisk(*)


I hope it helps!!

Hi @Joanna2 ,
You can search by string contain “RPM_CUSTOMER_CASHI_LNS_MY”

Hi @Joanna2 ,

An Initial check could be done in the Application itself, Are you able to filter the required manually ? Is there a Option to Filter by name as you have mentioned in the application itself ?

If so, we can do that Step first, and then Check with the Table Extraction or Find Children activity/methods.

Also let us know if the file match you are trying to find will always be a Single file or could there be multiple such files present ?

Let us know if you are able to conclude on the above suggestions.

In For each row in datatable
Take if Condition

Then perform the download action by performing click action

Hi @Joanna2

Use the extract datatable activity to extract the table as datatable.
Use for each row in datatable activity to iterate the each row in datatable.
Inside for each use If condition to check the condition
Store the value in a variable.
In then block give the click activity and indicate the download button, open the selectors of click activity, select the proper attribute in the strict selectors and pass the variable to the click activity.

We change the selectors dynamically to click on the required one.

Hope it helps!!


You can use a selector like below to click on the download you need

<webctrl tag='TR' innertext='*RPM_LOANS_HIST_LNS_MY_* />
<webctrl tag='TD' tablecol='5' />
<webctrl tag='A' />

The selector looks like this to click on the corrwpsonding row you need…you can add variable in the innertext to pass each file name as well

Hope this helps