Find cell position of a value in a datatable on behalf of 3 column values

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I have a value named “X”. And i have a datatable called DT. I need to find the row index of “X” in DT. There can be multiple X value in the same DT so we need differentiate on behalf of other 3 column values.
Please suggest me some solution. for ex : Linq

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Statement can be interpreted in multiple directions. Can you share some samples with us along a more detail explanation? Thanks

I have a Datatable named DT1. It has a column named “Dealcode”. This column has 20 rows having dealcodes.

Now I have another DT2 which has these above 20 rows along with other rows.

So my requirement is to loop through DT1 and get each dealcode and check for the same deal code in DT2 and add a statement to the respective “Status” column. But problem is there can be duplicate dealcodes values in DT2 so we have to check for other 3 columns values from DT1 in DT2 and once we get the row index, we will fill the Status column. Both the datatables has same row values.

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I am little stuck here. Please help. Let me know if you require any further details.
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would make it easier for the answering

Below is the DT2. deal code column has duplicate row values. So when i will get deal code value from DT1 and search here then i have to consider Amount,Text and Dealcode column here to find row index to fill respective status column.

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Hope you are fine. Can you please have a look on above query and help me out. Thank you.