Find and replace text in txt file

Hi everyone.

I have a txt file as attached file… I want to find the text “Sheet6” and then replace by “Sheet7”.

How to do that ?

Thanks in advance!
Remove Synz.txt (25.7 KB)

I have made a XAML file and it will create a new file… but I want it override on the old file ?

How to do that ?Main.xaml (7.0 KB)


Your filename property of Read Text File is "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Replace TEXT in txt\Remove + Synz.txt"

However, your filename property of Write Text File is "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Replace TEXT in txt\Untitled.txt"

You need to make both the same, if you want to overwrite it.



Thanks you bro… I forgot :slight_smile:

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