Find a specific Number in a lot of Text

Hello everybody,
I have a PDF with a lot of text.
In this text somewhere stands a number starting with 10014, 10015. or 10016. These numbers have 9 digits. I want to get these number, and use these as a variable. The Position in these documents are random

As far as I have read so far, i have as posibility to work with regex or split method. There are still other Option?
Ho would i do this?

for a little help, I would be very grateful :slight_smile:example.pdf (153.6 KB)

@Aischylos - You can use simple In this case, I read a PDF and get all the text in a string; then use .Substring and .IndexOf to pull out the data.

I have a PDF similar to this:

Let’s say I’m loooking for any numbers that start with 55 to then retrieve the full number that is 6 digits long (similar to you, but you’re 9 digits)

Here’s some activities to do this
The code for the Assign, which does the work:
scan.Substring(scan.IndexOf("55") ,6)
Apply this to you logic, and scan for your numbers. If they can show up more than once, you can use a loop that uses the last index number as the new starting position for the next loop.

I hope this helped.

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hej @sagacity

yes, it has helped. I had since still two little
stumbling blocks. But in the end, it has works.
Thanks for your time :slight_smile:
So im a big step further.