Find a particular text in a webpage and get the text near to it



hey, I am stuck with something here. Can anyone help me out.

I need to find the text lying right side of a word in a website. The word can appear anywhere in the website, can be at top, bottom or anywhere, wherever that word is I need to get the text lying right side to it.

Thanks in advance
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Exact match of your requirement. Go through this thread you will find a solution,

RPA Challenge 1

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thank you for the quick reply, but my issue is different. Here in the rpa challenge only the boxes are changing positions not the webpage frame. What is the box is placed in another frame which can be seen only with one mouse scroll?



Does the word have an UiElement/Selector ?
If Yes Scrape Relative works good. If No use Find Text Position . (Not sure about your requirement)

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