Find a dynamic word with regex

Hello I am trying to extract one - two word out of a pdf. Managed to extract one but issue its that sometimes the word can contain two words

"Hurtigruta Carglass AS 1(1) (Ensjøvn. 17) POSTBOKS 6452 ETTERSTAD 0605 OSLO Foretaksregisteret NO 985758220 MVA Kunde 100010 Avdeling Fredrikstad Sentrum Bank 4202 33 70055 GJENSIDIGE FORSIKRING IBAN NO77 "

Want to extract the words “Fredrikstad Sentrum” the thing its that sometimes this can be “Oslo” etc

So need a function that can extract both “Fredrikstad Sentrum” ( both two words and singel word) and “Oslo”

Hi @langsem,

If you want to get mentioned two words - Fredrikstad Sentrum and Oslo when present, then please use the Matches activity and use the following Regex Pattern -
((Fredrikstad Sentrum)+|(OSLO)+)

You will find mentioned words every time, while present.

Thanks & Regards,


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