Find a company name in PDF



Hi guys, I’m noob on UiPath. I apologize in advance if someone has already answered a similar topic.

Every day I have to read a huge government pdf (600 pages aprox) containing a series of company names trying to find the name of some companies I work for.

I usually do this by using ctrl + f and type the companies name one by one on adode acrobat (there are more than 200 companies I work for)!

My goal is to automate this search and register the results in an excel file

Until now I understood how “Read PDF Text”, and I was able to transform the pdf into a txt file, but only that, and it did not help me much.

Can you help me?


adding: Some days the companies names appears, and some not. It seem like “decision” must be part of my flow.

  1. Write your Companies list to an excel and read it into a datatable using Read Range.Probably you can add “Exists” column to the datatable to update the search result.

  2. Using for each loop , iterate your company names

  3. In side for each, check company name exists and update datatable.

     foreach row in dtCompany.Rows
        bool CompanyExists =  File.ReadAllText("PDF to Text file path").Contains(row("Company").ToString.Trim)
        update your Exists column in Datatable with CompanyExists value here
  4. Using Write Range, write your datatable to excel.

You could search the forum for How To’s


Very grateful for the support! Sensational to count on your kindness and solicitude vvaidya!