Final test : No time limits and 3 attempts

Team, I have three attempts available to pass the test. Can I take final test in three different days ? So that I can get a feeling of what it is and prepare again.

Or I have to use all three attempts same day ?

FYI: I completed all quizzes and getting ready to give final test.

Thanks in advance,

@viswanarahari You can take test in three days but in last day of test if u dint clear test means u needs to wait for next 24 Hours to unlock the test after unlocking it begins with lesson 1 but in lesson 1 quiz is not required to go for next lessons

@Indra, Sincere thanks for the reply. I was thinking like other quizzes, we have to complete on same day. Now a bit less worried.

Thanks!! again,

@viswanarahari When it starts from lesson 1 u can skip everything including lesson 1 quiz,lesson 2 quiz until u reaches final test when u reaches final test again there will be three attempts that three attempts u can take at same time one attempt after the other attempt and if u fail in third attempt than again u needs to wait for 24 hours to unlock again it start from lesson 1

I am going to take first time and I have 3 attempts left. Can I take

Attempt 1 of 3 on Friday ( April 1st)
Attempt 2 of 3 on Tuesday (April 3rd) - if needed
Attempt 3 of 3 on Thursday (April 6th) - if needed

After locked, I have to wait for 24 hours to re-start and your instructions are clear.