Final email is not sent when bot runs through orchestrator

Hi All

At the end of our process the bot sends a status email with reports attached. This is working fine when testing through studio. But the email is not being sent when bot is run through orchestrator.

Can anyone help what is the issue ?

I Assume you are using outlook for this

Before sending emails the machine might be signed out, so the email stays in outbox

Try any one below

1.Verify the email has sent successfully before ending the process
2.Use SMTP/Exchange activities instead of Outlook

Before running the process as unattended mode make sure that outlook is open in your machine.

Hope this will work

No we are using smtp and google server for email. And it used to work suddenly mail is not being sent. If run from orchestrator.

Got resolved. It was due to an exception of a folder which was not found by the bot.

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