Filtering values in Data Table

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I am working on a problem wherein i am suppose to scrap a data table from web which looks like this, in which the first column contains the mail id of an employee and the fourth column contains whether an employee as Accepted an esign or not.

Now i scraped the table and now i am using a Filter Data Table activity to keep only those records in which the Decision column is empty as i want to fetch the Signer column(i.e the mail ids) for only those employees which have not yet accepted the esign, below is the image for my Filter Data Table Activity.


And then lastly i am using the For Each Row in Data Table activity to write down the mails in outlook, which looks like this


According to the process the mail entered in the above step should exclude the first person as he has already accepted the esign, but due to some issue as of now it is typing all the mail id’s

Can some one suggest what to change here, most probably there is some issue in the Filter Data Table activity but i am unable to figure what.


Hi @shekhawat.arjun1307

Please note the two things

  1. Please check the datatable DT1 after filtering operations

  2. also for sending mail, u can use send outlook mail activity


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as an alternate for the filtering have a look here:


Statement from assign:

(From d In dtData.AsEnumerable
Where isNothing(d(3)) OrElse String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(d(3).toString.trim)
Select d).toList


Is there any activity through which i can check the output of Data Table, Because i know message box won’t work, right?

we do debugging for this. This should be more preferred instead of outputing e.g. log message , write line, message box in combination with the output datatable activity.

In the uiPath Academy there is also a very informative training course related to debugging and will introduce the techniques very well

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You can use output datatable to convert the datatable to string then output it via message box

Your issue is with the filter…
Just remove that filter and again add the same filter without typing null in the value section…

Refer below…

I hope this will work…

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