Filtering the specific cells in excel/google sheet

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In google/Excel sheet I have to filter the few cells which are having null values and some specific word(Ex dropouts) having cells.
How can I achieve it in UI path to filter the above condition.Please help me.

Hi @Suresh_Jonnadula

Can u share sample file?

Hi @Suresh_Jonnadula

To filter cells in UiPath based on null values and specific words, you can use the Filter Data Table activity. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Use the Excel Application Scope activity to open your Excel sheet.
  2. Use the Read Range activity to read the data from your Excel sheet into a DataTable variable.
  3. Use the Filter Data Table activity to filter the DataTable based on your conditions. In the Filter Wizard, you can specify the following conditions:
  • Column name: The name of the column in which you want to apply the filter.
  • Filter type: Select the “Column” option to filter the values in the specified column.
  • Operation: Select the “Is Empty” option to filter null values. To filter specific words, select the “Contains” or “Equals” option and enter the word you want to filter in the value field.
  • Value: Enter the word you want to filter or leave it blank to filter null values.
  1. Assign the filtered data to a new DataTable variable using the Assign activity.
  2. Write the filtered data back to your Excel sheet using the Write Range activity.


can I use the same for google sheet also?

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