Filtering one queue

Hi guys,

I am getting the error"Does not support untyped value in non-open type" while trying to get a particular queue item using the “Reference”.Is there any solution?I am using 2019.7.0 Community version.

Or Is there any other way that I can fetch a particular item from a queue?

The same question is asked in the following link and its supposed to fix in 19.X but still its not working for me.

@loginerror @Pablito
Kindly help on this

Cheers @Asiri

Hi @Asiri

Could you show the content of the queue item as seen in Orchestrator?

Hi Ioginerror,

This is how it looks like,

If I am understanding correctly, the issue is only with this particular data set? As in - only this particular queue item with these particular values will fail with the error?
And other queue item with the same fields but other values will work?

Hi Ioginerror,

Nop this functionality fails for other queue items as well.

Let’s debug it a bit more.

Could you provide these details:

  1. What is the Orchestrator version (is it the cloud community one?)
  2. What are the packages versions UiPath.System and UiPath.UiAutomation (are they also the latest 19.7.0 versions?)
  3. Which activity is it precisely - Get Queue Items or Get Transaction Item or both?

I did some testing and it is indeed working as it should on the



I am trying to perform a similar operation of adding an item to Queue by calling an Orchestrator Web API - Create Items in Queue.

I am able to add items in Queue which is having primitive data types but when i am trying to send a JSON Response having Lists etc. It gives me an error stating “Does not support untyped value in non-open type”. Can you please suggest.

I have gone through couple of threads in forum, and they have mentioned that non primitive data type is not supported by UIPath.

I am using UIPath Orchestrator 2018.4.4 version.

Thanks in Advance

Ronak Garg

Hi @ronak83garg

I know that the latest version 20.10 of Orchestrator allows one to upload a JSON file without any extra escape characters, so updating might be the way to go here.

I would suggest contacting our technical support to see what can be done in the older version, see here:

Thank you so much for your response.