Filtering Gmail Attachments - Using a Not Equal to on the attachment file types

Hi Folks,
I am a new StudioXr and I am trying to read emails from gmail and copy all attachments to a folder, apart from *.jpg.

In the Sae Email Attachments, what syntax should I use in the Filter by file name?



Although I am not aware that we support negative filters , one can obtain the same functionality if he downloads all the attachments in a temporary folder and then move all the non jpg files in the target folder

Please ignore the fact that I used desktop outlook for this example , I had to use it since on my Gmail account I do not keep mails that have jpg attachments , but it contains the steps that one needs to do in order to obtain the described behavior


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Thanks, wonder if negative filters are supported. Your solution would work, but I imagine it would be more elegant to apply a negative filter.