Filtering Extracted Data Table

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I’m having difficulties with extracting a structured datatable from a website and then filtering out a certain value from the fifth column. Once having filtered I would like to choose the row with the newest value from column three but finally assigning the value from the first column in that row to a variable.

The website i’m scraping is:

Table from a drop-down list named: “Gögn úr ársreikningaskrá”

Steps I’m trying to take are:
-Extract Structured Data
-Assign filtered table (Column 5, by value “Ársreikningur”) to a new datatable
-Assign value from column 1 to a variable, based on the newest value from column 3

Could anyone point me in the correct direction with the VB expressions needed in the Assign activities?

Please let me know if there is further information needed.

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hi @rjonasson

Use Filter DataTable Activity

Hi @Himanshu.joshi,

Thank you for your reply. I believe that the Filter Table activity only works with excel files. I would like to avoid working with excel as this process will be looped to iterate through hundreds of companies and updating their value through an API in another database.

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ExtractDataTable.Select(“convert([Tegund ársreiknings], ‘System.String’) = '” + InputString.ToString)

you can filter data from table using this query InputString is a variable you can pass any value to it

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In Filter DataTable you only need to pass the datatable in it. This activity is not related to excel.

I think the activity which you suppose is filter table.


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Hi again,

@Himanshu.joshi. I’m only able to see the Filter Table acitvity for excel. Must be a version mismatch.

@Divyashreem. This seems to be the correct method of filtering. But It seems that Ui Path isn’t recognising the elements inside the table from the website, as a receive the error: " Assign : The expression contains an invalid string constant: 'Ársreikningur.".
Do you have a solution to this?

In addition i’ll need to extract the value from the first column based on the newest date from the third column. The newest value should be in the top row, but i’d like to have this in the process as a precaution.

Thank you both again for your effort, really appreciate it.

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you can sort the table based on column either ascending or descending then select top roes from it.

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you can use filter data table activity from the version 2018.2 and above



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Thank you for the clarification. I’m unable to update. I’ve been trying to follow the instructions given herein (, but can’t seem to find the file needed for updating (UiPathPlatform.msi).

Has anyone experienced this problem ?