Filtering DT by date gives limited output

Hi Guys,

I already opened a topic about my problem, but since no one could really help me I am trying to explain my problem again.

My task is to extract data from a webpage and give the output (max. 1 week old) in an excel file. The thing is: the data needs to be filtered by date. The result should contain all the data extracted which is maximum 1 week old. I tried different solutions, but nothing really helped.

This is my current File:
ExtratByDate.xaml (16.0 KB)

Seems filter datatable activity has issues on datetime. You may check on this code snippet using

ExtractDataTable.Select(“Date <= #”+Now.Date.ToString+"# AND Date >= #"+Now.Date.AddDays(-30).ToString+"#").CopyToDataTable

ExtratByDate.xaml (17.5 KB)