Filtering data in excel and plot graph

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I had given the task of plotting the data from excel in a graph.

From this excel in Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4 column, I need to filter the data that ranges from 1-5 and plot them with the name of the company. and also plot another graph by filtering the same Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 column with range 6-10. I need guidance that how to filter the data that are ranging from 1-5 and 6-10 and plot them.
Please help me

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Yeah it’s possible
Use filter data table activity and pass the data table kind from excel application scope as input
—Inside the filter data table activity we got filter wizard that can be used to apply our condition
—Mention the input data table in the wizard and in the condition mention as
“Yourcolumnname” > 1 AND
“Yourcolumnname” < 5

—this will give us the output with a new datatble variable

Similarly for 6-10 as well and get the new datatable for it

Then we can use either macro or balareva activity on creating plots

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification

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Thanks for your reply…
I had already using BalaReva activities. But i need to know how to connect the excel to a filter data table is that possible to connect . Can you give a example …

Hi @soumi_soumiya
Instead of Filtering it in excel do the excel filtering In Uipath and make Two as per your Requirement The record the Macro In excel and Use it Invoke Vba Activity. You have to just Pass the parameters in Invoke VBA.

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how to do this

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I had done as you said but no response and no error

This Can be Done Multiple ways.
-Easy way is to Use Filter data table Activity, use this 2 Times for two data tables.

  • Either you can Keep or Remove Rows from the data table as per your Conditions.
  • Then write the data table in Your Require Sheets.
    Second way Is that Create Two datatables using Build data table Activity.
    then Use For Each Row inside it Use If Activity and Mention your Required condition and then Use Add data row Activity to add that data into the table
    In the last Use Write Range activity to write that data in your required sheet.
    Thanks & Regards
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@soumi_soumiya In the filter datatable PAss value 5 in double quotes “5”

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