Filter wizard column name

I have a filter datable. I am getting the error the column name is invalid. Looks like I need to convert the column name to something else like an index or something. Thanks

Hi @Nenna_Anya
please show me output Columns as well

There is possibility you have space end of columns or start of columns. so please check this one.

Hello @Nenna_Anya,

There might be the extra space at the end or the starting of the column name in the excel file, check if it is there remove the spaces and try and also it’s case sensitive value so better to use the same whatever is there in the excel.


There is no spaces. I need to know how to reference the column name with an index or something. I have tried row(2).Tostring and it is not valid.

Hi @Nenna_Anya
please try this one
ExtractDataTable.Columns(yourcolumn index).ColumnName

Thank you, that worked…

Welcome @Nenna_Anya please mark it as a solution so that other can get help from it.

Happy Automation

You should look at the datatable and understand why it says your column name doesn’t exist. It must mean the column name isn’t what you think it is. Use a Log Message to output ExtractDataTable.Columns(yourcolumn index).ColumnName to see what the real column name is. Or use Debug mode.