Filter where the values are bigger than a value

Hey everyone,

I have a column named "value"which has values such as 0.02 0.5 0.2 0.7 etc…

I used filter column to filter the values where the “Value” > 0.3.

After the filtering it outputs an empty datatable which is weird because there are values bigger than 0.3 such as 0.7 an more. I dont know the reason why this is happening maybe there is another filtering I can use.

I am open to ideas thank you.

Hi @jntrk

Can u share the screenshot of filter datatable activity


I have also tried “0.3” just to make sure but same result.

I think it is correct

Can u show the excel file ?

Actually now I made it work. I was working on the dt which was modified from a previous version. I added a read range to read the last datatable on hand . Now it works.