Filter value and replace values?

I want filter a column Type if value type like “#N/A” then replace the cell value as “New”

But If you read excel #N/A , It show value -2146826246 as below.

Please guide me about it

Can any one please help on this


  1. Read sheet,
  2. Create int variable with value 2,
  3. Use For each row activity & put if condition inside for each row as below,
    For each row in datatavle {
    if row(“Order Type”).tostring.contains(“New Regi”){
    use write cell activity with int variable “A”+intVariable.tostring
    increment int variable by 1.
    PS: Variables are not created therefore workflow has errors.

If you follow the explanation and screenshot then you will achieve it.


@Pankaj.Patil if row(“Order Type”).tostring.contains(“#N/A”) , I will change to New Regi.

But I try read by row if row = #N/A ----> Message box show -2146826246 as below.

How to check value ?


dont check NA value check only new registration, if there is new registration it means that cell does not have NA value


If the preserve format option is not checked while using read range/read cell …can you once try checking it and then filter it with #N/A

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