Filter using date

Hi Team,

I am facing issue while filtering data with dates. In attached Excel, i want to filter data for last three months like (start date is 1st jan and end date is 31st march) in column “Time”.and keep that filtered in new Tab.
Note : start and end date are dynamic values

Could you help me to do it

SushantTest2.xlsx (60.7 KB)

Hi @sshitol Check this.Sequence15.xaml (7.1 KB)

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Its working fine…only one issue…in filter wizard you use |ess than and greater than but i need less than equal to and greater than equal to…
I tried that but its working fine for less than and greater than but for equal to its not giving proper result. Its exclude the start date and end date for equal to.


Test2.xlsx (56.7 KB) Sequence15.xaml (10.4 KB)

While comparing date, i have ignored the time portion. Now result looks good. Please have a look.

Thanks! @sshitol

Still facing same issue. Its not working on = sign. Giving only less than and greater than data