Filter two columns and write the output to the template sheet


I have a invoice sheet , from the invoice sheet i have to create project wise sheet from the base template and fill the hours (transpose) for each resource.

I was able to create project wise sheet (with right file name as expected), see the below screenshot.


But i am not able to achieve as expected below:

I don’t have to fill Total hours column , because template already has the formula added to it.

I am attaching my Invoice sheet and xaml files here.

Could you please advise and provide an idea on this?Timsheet_Consolidation.xaml (25.9 KB)


Any Starter help? @ppr @arivu96 @Palaniyappan

just a short answer due I am on travelling

divide it into smaller tasks and gve a try on:

  • group by project/Location and date - sum the the hours
  • order and transpose the group result rows
  • find out some indexes (row, col) for the location and date cells
  • populate the data
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