Filter: The source contains no DataRows

Hi guys,

I was using dynamic selectors to click on page numbers and scrape data in a webpage but getting the following error. I am not sure the reason for this. I am able to understand that it is not scraping but not able to figure out why I am not getting error while clicking the page so the selectors are fine I guess. Please help

Santa Krish

Hi @Santa_Krish

Are you doing any looping activity

Ashwin S


Could you please take screenshot of your dynamic selector and show me once. Will check and update you.

@AshwinS2 @lakshman I am using ‘element appear’ activity to find the active page and scrape data from it. PFB the screenshot of the selector that I am using and the error displayed


Could you please delete tag and parent class attributes from Selector and then try again.

Getting the same error:


Set RepeatForever to false in the properties of On Element Appear Activity and then try again once.

@lakshman I did as you said. Getting the following error. BTW we don’t have to change anything in the log fields right as it will be done by the framework?


What you passed in Log Message Activity.

I didn’t change nothing actually. It is as it will be in the framework.

@lakshman I forgot to assign variables to the arguments for Set transaction status. I have corrected it. Now one transaction is successful but second page scraping is failed due to element appear timeout.