Filter the rows based on 2 columns using Filter Datatable

Hello ,

I am trying to the filter the rows based 2 columns which are start date and Expected arrival date.
I need to filter rows with the condition “Start date is after the Expected arrival date”.


This is how wriiten, but i was getting empty rows

Hi try to use this

validDT = ExcelDT.Select(" ([Rule]=‘1977’ AND ([SHIP DATE] > [EXPECTED ARRIVAL DATE] )").CopyToDataTable

Let me know if this works

I was getting below error
Assign: The expression is missing the closing parenthesis.

Do you already fix it?

Yeah I fixed that, but now am getting different order

Chage “Rule” for “RULE” in the Assing, if the error continues, could you pass me the File?

Dupliacte File.xlsx (58.9 KB)

I need to create 2 files based on below conditions

Exempt File

If “Penalty Due” is 0, change “Status” to Exempt

Valid File

If “Rule” is 1947 and “Ship Date” is after “Expected Arrival Date”, change “Status” to Valid and “Comments” to Shipped Late

The Ship date should be after o could be after or equal

Chech this workflow
Chage Values dependig condition.xaml (16.5 KB)

Let me kwow if you have any question.
These are the Results:
Exempt_Table.xlsx (10.2 KB)
Valid_Table.xlsx (24.7 KB)

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Can you tell me the dependencies

Just update those dependencies

Also check Excel depedencies

I got it ! Thanks for the solution.

If that works
can you Assing it as “solution”

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