Filter Table-Unable to Exclude particular cells

Hello Everyone,

I have a excel which contains 9 columns, i want to apply filters on column 7,8,9 and using filter table option in Excel Application scope, my column 7 (CHANNEL) i want to apply filter and select only ‘NonGDS’ and from column 8 (Status) i want to apply filter and select only ‘Active’ and from column 9 (FBC) i want to select all rows excluding ‘Visa’ from the list, i am using ‘!=’ and ‘<>’ which is failing and applying incorrect filters, in this case it is failing only for ‘!=’ and ‘<>’, i mean if i remove -ve filters it is working fine.

Please see below details and advise what can be done to apply -ve filters successfully.

Below output i am expecting from the attached excel sheet.

FZ Bookings with Non - Alpha Characters (past 24 hours).xlsx (11.7 KB) Format Excel File.xaml (6.8 KB)

Hi @shivkumar.atnure

Check this xaml and it gives expected (32.3 KB)

Select query can be used

YourDataTable.Select(“CHANNEL=‘NonGDS’ and STATUS=‘Active’ and FBC <>‘Visa’”).CopyToDataTable

Note - CopyToDataTable will give an error if the query does not give any result. If there is possibility that your excel does not have data then you need to use

YourDataTable.Select(“CHANNEL=‘NonGDS’ and STATUS=‘Active’ and FBC <>‘Visa’”).ToList

and then you need to write the value in an another excel if row count > 0


HI @Boopathi

Thanks a lot for the reply, but i am still struggling with requirement, my excel sheet is already in Table format (Table1) and output need to be stored in same file since i need to use this file for further processing, the further processing includes copy each row one by one from column CONFIRMATIN_NUM and paste in citric application and search.

If you can help me to apply filter and store same excel sheet that will be great help.
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Hi @shivkumar.atnure

Is it mandatory that your excel sheet must be in Table format always?


Hello Ula,

Thanks for your email, Yes it is mandatory to have Table format always, actually I am downloading excel file from one of web application and taking for further action after applying required filters, every time I download this file it will be in table format only.

I just started using Uipath it would be great help if we can have one meeting :blush:



Hi @shivkumar.atnure

Sure. We will have but i am engaged with some project deliverable.

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HI Ula,

Thanks for your support i have subscribed to your channel :slight_smile:
Also i want to ask one more question to you is there any option to remove special characters such as @, _, _, also replace special characters such as Turkich letters such as (Ç, Ş, Ğ, I, İ, Ö, Ü) and replace with normal alphabets from excel/web application.

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