Filter Table and Named Range question

I’m doing some research on Excel Filter Table activity but find very little info/xamls on it.
The confusing part is that all actors (sheet, range, native DataTable, Excel Tables) in this subject are rectangles and could be called ‘tables’.
Once you realize UiPath’s Excel “Tables” are actually Named Ranges, confusion is gone.

I got this working :

Excel Application Scope
assign firstsheet = wb.getworkbooksheet(0)
Create Table (using a range, firstsheet and a name for the range)
Filter Table (using the named range, filter options)
Read filtered data

This works once, Because the first time the Named Range does not exist yet. But the second time Excel complains you want to create a table that already exists. You can invoke“xx”).delete, or remove the table using a recording but I find it weird that one can not remove a named range (Table) in UiPath natively although a number of Table features ARE supported.

I’m aware there are other ways of reading tables (expressions, filtering in the loop etc), but filtering within excel is elegant

thx for any replies


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