Filter Table activity

BankDetails.xlsx (441.2 KB)

got it… see it @aksh1yadav :smiley:


I guess you are not getting idea about Filter Table Activity :slight_smile:
I can not see the values you want to filter in particular table and with particular column.
It will require three data from your side:

  1. Sheet Name (on which sheet you wants to perform).
  2. Table Name (On which table you wants to use filter operation).
  3. Column Nam e( On which column basis you wants to perform the filter operation).

As you asked About its “ Filter Operation ” Properties so let me tell you by using this property you can Filter a particular column.

For example You have 3 columns name First Name, Last Name, Email having values in a table.
So if you wants to perform On First Name (You have already mentioned it in Filter Table activity) value like you wants to find abc name the pass it like this {“abc”}.

After this you will find that your excel file has been filtered with abc name. You can reset manually by click on that column filters again to see all values.

If still will face a problem let me know.
it is late night. signing off for the day :slight_smile:


Hi @aksh1yadav, yeah my bad, I was wrong in the filter option, but I already updated it but still threw the same error…

okay, get back to me on this tomorrow, good night and have a good sleep :smiley:

Hi there, is anyone here has other idea on how to address this error?

I can but as i mentioned not able to understand your perspective at the moment.