Filter some selected values


I have a datatable that looks like this.

Column A : Column B

Dog 10
Cat 20
Zebra 30

I want to take value 10, 20 and 30 and put them i a sheet that will look like this

Column Dog : Column Cat : Column Zebra
10 20 30

What is the best practice to do in this way?

@Anders_Dahl1 - you want to transpose the data right?

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes, I have a sheet that has the Columns name like

Dog : Cat : Zebra

And then i want to take the value in that Data table and put in the right place in my sheet

Like, if the data table has
Dog 10

I want to take the value 10 and place it under “Dog” in my sheet

This will be in a for each loop as well.

@Anders_Dahl1 - As you know, you can use StudioX feature in Studio, by turn it on on the “Activities” → Filter

My Input



Hope this helps…This just one option, if you would like to go with traditional method of looping, I have seen some in the forum so you have to search for it.