Filter possibilities in Orchestrator/Logs


It would be great if we had more filter options in Logs within Orchestrator.

Actually, filter is only available in the field Level and Time but it would be useful to have in Process/User/Message as well. And further options in Time than Last hour/day/week/30 days would be great I think.


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Hello @UiJules,

In Logs page you can use Search field which looks for log entries that match your input.


Thanks for you reply @Susana!

Yes, I’m aware of the Search field. But in case if I search for Process I can’t search for User and vice versa

I think filters like in Excel would be useful:
-in Time e.g. Before/After/Between
-in Process/User after clicking on the filter icon a list of existing items could appear and desired item could be selected
-in Message e.g. Contain/Does not contain/Starts with

Right now I export data in Excel and I make the filtering there.

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