Filter numbers via filter data table


I need your help again.

I would like to filter data from an Excel file according to the country key. 3, 16 and 22 must be removed. In my example, however, 13, 32 etc. are also removed because 3 is present here.

How can I filter the numbers?

Thank you and best regards




It seems strange behavior, because your operator is not “Contains” but “=”.
if possible, can you share your workflow and excel file as file?


give a try on

Assign Activity:

dt_Steuerbetrag =

(From d in dt_Bruttobetrag.AsEnumerable
Where Not {"3","16","20"}.Any(Function (x) d(8).toString.Trim.Equals(x))
Select d).CopyToDataTable
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it works, thank you peter

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