Filter Number that starts with, using select -help!-



lets say I have the following list:

and I am trying to filter numbers like 456789 and 65432 numbers that starts with 4 and starts with 6, now, I am able to select the exact 456789 number but not the the options to select the numbers that starts with 4 or six, I get this error

Cannot perform ‘>’ operation on System.String and System.Int32. I get that error I went to stackoverflow, but still not being able to perform this on uipath.

(miVar = 4)

then I will

then I import the data array into a data table and then append it to a xl WB.

I guess I have to use greater than, but IDK if the table is reading the value as string or my var as string


Use this in assign activity
expression=dt.Select(“LibrMay like ‘4%’ or LibrMay like ‘6%’”)


Thanks for the reply @Lakshmi but now , it says “Syntax error: Missing operand after ‘Mod’ operator.”

I am getting the list from an excel file.CopyDataTable.xaml (19.6 KB)

Attached is the XAML, if you can take a look.


Add single quote after the mod operator “LibrMay like ‘4%’ or LibrMay like ‘6%’”


Yep, not working :frowning:

Error : Cannot find column [‘4]. LOL

seems the expresion Like cannot be used with integers, so what I did, is a for each row instead
with this