Filter InnerHTML

Hello guys! I need your help. I have to get items status from web-table. All items have different status(STEP_1,STEP_2,STEP_3 and STEP_4). I need to filter only status STEP_1 and STEP_2.
Please hepl me to do this.


< a id=“32-2-red” onclick=“pageOffset=0;listCaseForTask (this, ‘32’, ‘STEP_2’, ‘RED’);” href=“javascript:void(0)”> 1


You can scrape the entire table and then filter that table based on the requirement right @Olek1?

Hello HareeshMR! Thanks for your answer, but I used Find children activity and For each activity. And now I need to check status every items(cell) in my table and get items only with status STEP_1 and STEP_2! Please help me now to filter this selector.

Of course, your step1 and step2 selectors will have a definite selector or name I guess, so that you can scrape those easily using that particular name,

the better way is to scrape the entire data if it is in tabular format, then you can simply filter that to get the required values


Thanks, but I need practical advice how I can filter the statuses what I need

Thanks for answer. Can You write more about this?)

You will get them in the form of table right? Or can you check if you are able to retrieve the entire statuses in the form of table using Data Scraping available in the ribbon above in the studio @Olek1

I mean you can have your selectors like this to find all links for the category you want:

<webctrl onclick='*STEP_2*' tag='a' />

I have 4 statuses, but I need to get only 2(STEP_1 and STEP_2)

I can’t use data scraping because I need to get item(innerHtml, aaname) from everyone cell. With help data scriping I can’t do this

Hi @Olek1,

Use get attribut to find → InnerHTML

Its easy to use, you can use this to add string in to you selector. Read this:

Yeah got it @Olek1

You can use Get Text activity to get those values then

ok no problem, new version can use regex, please look at this: