Filter in GetOutlookMailMessages

I am able to get messages from a given mailbox.
But am not able to get filtered messages.
What is the way to filter mails from a specific sender

Couldn’t Find anything here

hi @akhi_s27

Please refer this link:

and let me know if you have still any doubts.


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Thanks a lott for that…

But can you please help me solving my problem…

“”“urn:schemas:httpmail:subject”" LIKE ‘%20170203%’"
“@SQL=”“urn:schemas:httpmail:subject”" LIKE ‘%20170203%’"

This is what I have tried in the UiPath filter option.
But still getting a Condition is invalid error.
Can you please help?

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Last time I tested only Jet syntax was working, see this topic:

Seems it’s still like this…

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@aksh1yadav @andrzej.kniola thanks for the posts.

Do you know how to filter outlook mail messages by category - for instance, I am trying to get only mail messages that are not categorised already (e.g. “Business” or “Personal” etc.) then assign these uncategorised messages to a category, (e.g. Business)


Hi @charlieAJ47,

Did you get any solution for this issue? I am also having the same issue and searching for the solution.
Please help me if some one have idea on this.

Saranya K R

for exact matching use =>


for starts with use =>

"@SQL=""urn:schemas:httpmail:subject"" like '"+variable+"%'"

for matching any use =>

"@SQL=""urn:schemas:httpmail:subject"" like '%"+variable+"%'"

The % is a SQL wildcard. This seems to only work for subject and body (textdescription in SQL). You cannot use AND/OR logical operators in your SQL filter since strict filtering is enabled in UiPath and I have no knowledge on how to disable this. You can use logical operators in exact matching using timeframes and I assume others, but I haven’t tested this.

Upon doing my own research I have found this to be false. I am able to implement logical disjunction in the SQL schema. Furthermore, I am able to use the sql queries on a much more content than the three listed above. I am unable to list them due to time constraints but look up something like “Outlook mail message filter SQL” and I’m sure you’ll find a list.