Filter huge set of data (in Datatable) without For Each Row

There are 2 Datatables (2 Columns and 50000 Rows)
Datatable 1 example
Name, Age
Prachi Singh, 25
Shiv Rajput, 21
Sony Kumari, 23
… , …
Name49999, Age49999

Datatable 2 example
Name, Age
Prachi Kumari, 25
Luv Rajput, 21
Mony Kumari, 23
… , …
Name49999, Age49999

Requirement is to generate a report which would provide details if Each Employee of Datatable 1 exists in Datatable 2 and similarly each Employee of Datatable 2 exists in Datatable 1
Prachi Singh from DT1 not found in DT2
Prachi Kumari from DT2 not found in DT2

Is there a way to achieve this (through linq/select) without looping (using For Each Row or Nested Loop as columns are ~50K - 60K)
Need minimum lines of code to achieve this

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Use inner join Query and filter records on specific column

Hello @PrachiSinghDeloitte

Please refer following

Get Unique Values.xaml (5.4 KB)
Get Non-matched Items.xaml (9.7 KB)


To get matched data

Datatable Out_Matched_Data = In_DataTable1.AsEnumerable().Where(function(row) In_DataTable2.AsEnumerable().Select(function® r.Field(Of Int32)(In_DT2_ColName_To_Match.ToString)).Any(function(x) x = row.Field(Of Int32)(In_DT1_ColName_To_Match.ToString))).CopyToDataTable()

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Thanks for the expression @rahatadi
The issue is now resolved…

Hi @PrachiSinghDeloitte,

Great work…!
Please let us know if you have used any other method to compare two datatables…

I have same project and i am using above expression, but if there is other more efficient way you have with me that will be great…


What if my column is string type. I’m getting cast error .
am comparing string column
hope you can help me out