Filter for downloading email attachments

I have a flow that downloads the attachments that have any email that has the subject “Order” and it works without any problem, but I wish that at the moment that I do not find emails with this subject, a notice will appear informing this, how can I do it?
The filter is made as follows
@SQL = (” “urn: schemas: httpmail: subject” “LIKE '%” & argSubject & “%’)”
argSubject is a variable equal to Order

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@Juan_Esteban_Valencia - Used output variable from get outlook email activity. and check the length of the of variable eg. emails.length > 0 use if else condition and add you alert logic in else section.

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Thank you very much for answering, but I try to do it and the variable for being type List MailMessage does not allow me to use the length function.

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You need to check Emails.Count as this is a collection

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