Filter Excel Table using specific conditions

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I’ve this Excel file on which I’ve to apply specific conditions and filtered it out.

Input Looks like this: (below Image)



  1. If the “Name of the person” column has characters greater than 40 there should be “Abbreviation”.
  2. If the “Name of the person” column has less than 40 characters than it is not compulsory to have the “Abbreviation”.
  3. The “Address” field is compulsory.

Output Looks like this: (below Image)


Greater than 10*

in such scenario the dynamic generation of a filterexpression used in the datatable.Select Method is an approach to implement this task:

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Hey @ppr

I got the answer.

Thanks for helping me out

Perfect. So once it is running just close the topic by marking the solving post as solution. Let us know your further questions if there are any open items.

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Hy @Abhishek_Changan,

Find attached the solution for your taks. (30.8 KB)

If it is ok for you please dont forget to like and mark my answer as a solution for your post.


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