Filter excel sheet

there are 3 sheet tab in 1 excel sheet.
in first sheet there is column “RollNo” and “Marks”

i want to filter 3rd sheet tab by RollNo and Marks from first excel sheet tab .

Can you please provide an example? as it is quite difficult to understand the situation actually.


demo.xlsx (20.2 KB)

Got It.
so, you want to make a filter on the 3rd sheets (col: RollNo and Col:Marks) based on which criteria?

based on data present in first sheet tab

demo.xlsx (20.0 KB)

updated sheet

demo (1).xlsx (20.1 KB) Main.xaml (9.3 KB)

In the excel scope please update the path of the excel sheet. And the Sheet3 data must be in a table called “table1”

Hope this will help


there is version problem.
unable to open

Please ensure to have following version:
project.json (927 Bytes)

u have used filter table twice with same values

May be… Sorry but now that you have the workflow you can edit it to best suits you.


error problem with index