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with a filter in Excel, I need UiPath to always select the last checkbox option of a filter.

Is there anyway to tell the Robot to do that?

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@rebekka.haendel Is it the Last Checkbox Option or is it the Value that is always constant that needs to be filtered?

Hey @supermanPunch it is the last Checkbox Option that needs to be filtered (checked)

@rebekka.haendel Can you show the Last option that you want to Filter in a Screenshot, If the Options in Filtering are based on a Order, then we can Sort the Datatable based on that order and get the Last Element Value According to it.

I am looking at the following pivot-table

and the last filter option (22020) to be checked. It is always the last one.

@supermanPunch have you got a Solution to my Process?

@rebekka.haendel I don’t think i have the best Solution :sweat_smile:, I have done it using a Sample File. To Filter Only the Last Value in the Filter Options by using UI Automation activities. I think there’s a better way to filter using Macros. I can send the sample Workflow but it Still Requires more Stability.

@supermanPunch that would be great to have a look on your sample Workflow.

A way to this, is to go to the cell with the header of the table, in the specific column and from there use hotkeys:
[alt] + [down] (opens the drop down menu)
[shift] + [tab] repeated three times (changes focus to ‘Select All’)
[space] (unselect all)
[End] (goes to last entry)
[space] (selects last entry)

It is not a nice solution, but it might help you to move on.


@rebekka.haendel You can check this, This will only work for the Excel File present in it. If it works when you execute, you should change it to adapt to your Excel File. I don’t recommenrd this as a Solution though :sweat_smile: (8.5 KB)

Thank you!! I appreciate your help and time a lot.

Can you specify what you mean by “go to the cell with the header of the table” ?

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Go to the cell, in which you has to apply the filter. So you need to be in the cell with “Monat”

Hi @rebekka.haendel,

Take a look on this thread. It will help you…


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