Filter excel files with no table name


I have a really complex excel file with no table name.
I need to filter to table but it requires a table name. I tried to value it as " " but didn’t work.
Any other recommended solutions?

Thanks in advance.

Did we try with Macros if it has a complex structure

I am trying to use code as little as possible, as best practice.
I was curious if there is any way to do it with uipath activities.

It’s based on the need buddy
As your excel some complex structure as you said we can go for macros and of course we can execute that macro with two activity

cheers @dcrt

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@dcrt You can use fileList=Directory.GetFiles(“YourExcelFilePath”,"*.xlsx") and to get sheet names make output of ExcelApplicationScope and put that output variable in ForEach like wb.GetSheets

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Like i said before i was trying to use as little code as possible.
So i am assuming from your answers there is no way to use filter table activity without table names or any other alternative way.
Thank you for your time.

@dcrt How Complex is Your Excel File :sweat_smile:

Seems like i am able to filter the excel with filter data table activity since it doesn’t require a table name, Thanks for your all helps :slight_smile:


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