Filter excel and update comments in same excel


I have an excel with two columns(Seq Id and Status)

Seq Id Status
1111 PASS

I have to filter Seq Id column and write comments in Status column for that filtered value.

I need do the above operation in same excel.

Can anyone help me on this ?


Hi @shajanjose,

  1. Use Excel application scope and in that use Read Range activity this will give you a datatable
  2. Apply for each loop on this datatable
  3. In this loop again use Excel Application Scope and then use Write Cell activity
  4. You will have to use an integer variable as Counter to increase cell counter like A1, A2, A3 and so on


I got your point, we are increment the sequence id column and write comments in Status column.

In my process I converted the excel to data table and load all the sequence id’s, then started to process the seq Id one by one. At the end of each seq id i need to write the status whether PASS or FAIL in the original input excel. So when the seq Id open I am capturing the seq id and store it to a variable. I need to make the comment status column for this particular stored variable.

Is there any way we can directly filter the column in Excel and write some comments in excel for those respective filtered rows?


You can try a macro which can be then executed via UiPath