Filter emails on number of accesses in a time lapse

I need to create a filter to emails based on the number of accesses (x) in a time lapse (y) from the same account.

Can I have some example.


Why don’t you put it into a datarow with x and y each as column in a row? Afterwards, you could either write an own function or write it into an excel and perform some graphs - if this is what you require…

I need to build a spam filter for a company

I personally believe that there is better and most probably less expensive solution (considering your time as well) out in the market, but that’s not your question.

You would have to read through the e-mails, analyse them according to your needs (you might want to consider publicly available blacklists, etc) and save metadata in a database (you might want to consider using a noSQL-Database for this sake). After, you could start working accordingly with the analysis…

To answer your question more specifically, we would require to know how you access the e-mails (and what format they are) and take it further after…

I access the emails through outlook, I have two variables (number of accesses and time lapse) and if that same sender sends too many emails for that time, the program must ignore emails