Filter Email by Array of sender

Hi All.

I have assign the lists of Email sender(’'IT", “IBD”) as Array Type (validEmailArray) as shown in the below capture. The purpose is using this Array to filter the Email that email sender belongs to this Array. Then save attachment of filter email.


But the result turned out to be not working, all the email attachments were been saved. I have checked several times, but no ideas what’ wrong. Can anyone help to check why it’s not working? Appreciate it.

@mason_wong Can you Check this Post , I was able to solve a similar kind of problem related to array of mails as a Filter.

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Hi Punch,

I am using IBM Notes to receive email. not sure the way you provided is working.


@mason_wong What is the Output type of the IBM Notes mail, is it not List(Of System.Net.MailMessage)?

@mason_wong - you can try below to check string available in array…

keep the array values like {“IT”,“IBD”,“XYZ”}
validEmailArray.Any(function(m) text.Contains(m))

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yes, it is “List(Of System.Net.MailMessage)”

@mason_wong Then the post which i have provided should work. What is the problem that you faced?

Yes, I have fixed the problem. thanks

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